Tuesday, April 6, 2010

UCONN is 39-0 on this Wear a Dress Tuesday!!


image courtesy of ESPN

The UCONN women beat Stanford tonight to win their second straight national championship, capping off two-straight undefeated seasons!!!!!

I was waiting to post about Wear a Dress Tuesday because I was watching the game and afraid to jinx it, ha!!

I needed Wear a Dress Tuesday today.  Easter was wonderful, but the triduum started off a little rough for me.  In the middle of a birthday celebration with Bruce, I discovered that my water bottle had leaked through to the enclosed part of my camera backpack and my SLR got wet.  

Y'all - I have never cried so hard over a piece of electronics in my entire life.  Literally.  And I once had a motherboard crash - taking my sermon with it - on a Saturday night.  It did not compare to my reaction on Friday night.  This camera has been such a wonderful addition to my life and has really helped with the stress of school - it has given me something new to learn and a different way to express myself through the arts.  I was devastated.  It has actually taking me this long to even mention it here because I was sad, upset and pretty much just embarrassed that it happened.  I know that it was an accident, but still.  It was not an accident with a quick fix.

Anyway, the next morning - after a night of carefully drying everything out - the camera DID work, but there was a water spot on the LCD screen that was noticeable when I was looking at my settings and reviewing the pictures.  I didn't want to risk just "letting the spot fade" in case there was any internal damage, so I sent the camera out to Canon to get fixed.  It won't be the cheapest option, but I will feel better knowing that the whole camera is being looked at - inside and out.

So - needless to say - it was a rough start to my week.  But it was Wear a Dress Tuesday and I was sporting a new dress that my wonderful friend Sara let me take from her closet (don't you love shopping in friend's closets?!).  I was also sporting a super sexy sunburn (insert sarcasm here).  Note to self - always lather up on the first poolside day of the summer.

Me, Stacey, Beth, Sarah and Sara

Mary and Taylor from also joined us this week (not sure about Whitney?) from Candler, my friend Amy from college sent me a facebook message to say that she was wearing a dress and my mom sent me an IM and was telling me she wore a dress and is finally starting to "get" it!!  She said that - as strange as it sounds - she cares when she is getting ready in the morning and it helps her stand tall throughout the day and she feels better about herself.

Poor Sarah is up in Pennsylvania dealing with the unfortunate allergies that comes with spring.  I'm not sure WADT can do much to combat high levels of pollen, unfortunately!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday.  Let me know if you joined in and - as always - send any pictures my way.


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