Thursday, April 1, 2010

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday.


The night that Jesus was betrayed.


Tonight I co-presided over the Maundy Thursday service with my pastor.  She designed a really cool service where we essentially re-enacted the entire dinner - first the foot washing and then the meal of bread and wine.  Each part to the service was introduced with the coinciding scripture from the gospel of John.

As Kim and I led people through the service, I couldn't help but tune in to the noises I was hearing outside - a softball game being played at a neighboring field.  The service itself was intended to be quiet and meditative, so the yelling, cheering and sounds of bats cracking weren't exactly ideal.  The service was supposed to be a reminder of something somber and yet the sounds of softball made it impossible to put aside the fact that - in the midst of a tragic betrayal - life was still going on.


While the supper was going on - when Jesus knelt down to wash the feet of his disciples and broke bread and offered it to them - life was still going on.  Families were celebrating the Passover and they had no idea what was about to happen.

Even tomorrow, as we read and remember the passion narrative - life will still be going on.

This is the challenge we face as Christians - how can we be messengers of the Gospel (the Good News and the not-so-good) while life still continues to go on?


Blessings to you all as you enter this Easter Triduum.

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