Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why I Love Wear a Dress Tuesday

This morning I started off a little bit flustered.  I'm not sure that I have completely gotten myself 'sprung ahead' from Daylights Savings, I am sleep-deprived from the loud storms that kept us all awake over the weekend at my parent's house, I was up late working on a paper last night and am still just trying to recover from a fast paced week full of meetings and appointments.

I woke up and told Bruce, "I have never needed a Wear a Dress Tuesday more."

And I was right.

First of all, it's fun when other people play along.  Sarah's boss in Pennsylvania did ... 

... as did my friend Sarah from Candler.

You can't help but be in a better mood when you are dressed up with your friends.  And because my mood was instantly lifted when I walked on campus, I also could not help but see some of the beautiful glimpses of spring that bloomed in Atlanta while I was in Connecticut.

Like these flowers.

Could someone tell me what kind of flower this is?  Brian Cooper - Bruce said you would know.

Whatever they are - they make me smile.

Also ... 

Look at this little tuff of grass peeking out next to my apartment building.

Spring is coming!!


  1. I'm better with wildlife and trees than I am with flowers, especially ornamentals... But they look like peonies maybe? If there were lots of ants crawling around on them, especially unopened flowers, then definitely peonies. With domestic plants like that though, there could be a dozen different colors, flower styles, and leaf shapes for a given species.

  2. No clue what those flowers are but they are gorgeous! I love them!

    You look great in your dress!! :)

    I haven't gotten over the spring forward either for whatever reason. Sooo tired...


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