Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shopping Etiquette

So Bruce and I have a question for everybody out there ... 

If you are out shopping and want to get a good look at all of the nooks and crannies of a certain product ... 

... is it proper shopping etiquette to sit on the floor while you do so?

This is the second time I have done this in the past month (the first time was at TJ Maxx looking at baking sheets and this morning I was at REI looking at camera backpacks) and both times Bruce has been slightly horrified.  I told him it was okay because I just wanted to get a better look and I was 99% sure I was going to make the purchase.  It is not like I was cruising down the cosmetics isle, giving myself a manicure and walking out of the store without buying the nail polish.

What do you all think?


  1. Oh this made me laugh! I am more of a proper etiquette shopper, haha. But my mom will open anything that she has a 50% chance of buying- so I understand where you are coming from. If you really think that you're going to buy it than I don't see a problem with examining it. I'm just more of a buy and return later, haha!

  2. So, was the debate over looking thoroughly at the product, or the act of sitting on the floor to do so? Because, my opinion is, if you're going to spend a penny on something, you deserve to fully check it out to make sure you get your money's worth. As far as sitting down in the store goes - you often have to do that, especially in places like bookstores. I think that as long as there aren't many people in the store and you're not hanging out for too long, preventing people from doing their own shopping, then you are okay.

  3. I do that all the time! I'm slightly annoyed that benches are only available in the shoe section! My feeling is if I'm going to spend my hard earned money on an item, I would like to know what I'm getting, including it's flaws and perks. So go for it! Sit on the floor and check it out!

  4. I check out products like you wouldn't believe. Especially if it's something that I'm going to take with me on a long adventure. When I buy hiking shoes I wear them for at least 30 minutes in the store, often running around the store (it helps that I know most of the staff of all the outdoor shops). If I'm shopping for a backpack I bring in all my camping supplies, load up the pack, and then wear it for quite some time. I agree that it's better for both you and the company selling the product if you check it out thoroughly before you leave the store...rather than being unhappy and returning it later.

  5. I think it's okay! I've done it a time or two! I mean, it's probably a little silly to some?!?!? But i don't think it's bad etiquette! LOL.


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