Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Love This Place

I flew to Connecticut this morning for a couple of meetings and to spend some time with my family over my spring break.  It is so nice to be out of the city and back in the country.  I saw stars tonight for the first time in a long time!!  It's funny how the little things in life put a smile on my face ... 

After my mom and I got home from the airport we decided to drive up to Kent Falls, a state park up the street from my parent's house that has some of the most beautiful water falls I have ever seen ... 

Am I biased because this is where I grew up?  

Or is it really as beautiful as I think it is?

I honestly think I could sit and listen to the sounds of waterfalls for hours.  It is so peaceful.

I'm heading to West Point for a meeting tomorrow, so wish me luck!!  I am stressing over all of the wrong things - like what to wear and whether or not I have to salute people - and not the things that are relevant to my meeting ... so I am going to spend the rest of the night trying to catch up on the day and getting myself focused so I can present myself somewhat professional.

It is wonderful to be blogging from New England!!

Bruce - I miss you!!  I hope you (and Lilly) are enjoying the mounds of seafood you are probably eating while I am gone and you can cook whatever you want!!


  1. Your pictures are beautiful!! You are not just biased. Good luck on your interview! (what is this for??)

  2. Are you preaching at WP or just meetings? I have friends there ... is there a Woodbury Commons trip on the way? :-)

  3. Very cool trip. Very fun to be in New England! Love the photos and the cool changes to the blog! Loving the pic of you with your new camera - woohoo!

  4. 1) Kent falls = fantastic! Never been there, would love to see it sometime (hint hint!)

    2) Stop sweating the "what to do on a military post" stuff - you're a civilian, people expect you to act like a civilian, especially at A SCHOOL! They know what the rest of the world is like ya know?

    3) You're gonna do great with your interview, relax, figure out what you want to ask/talk about, and then go with the flow and use the great resource that you've got in an experienced chaplain!

    4) Bruce and Lilly are probably livin' the life right now! Lobster tails, crab legs, and Jamison - fantastic!

  5. Good luck with the interview - be yourself and you will rock it!!
    Only military should salute others in the military and it is an entire ranking thing so no you shouldn't

    And Kent falls is AWESOME - hope to see you while you are here!!

    Love - Courtney L.


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