Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Apparently I'm Predictable

I walked to school this morning because when Bruce was ready to leave for work I was still curled up in bed under the comfortable warmth of my down comforter repeating choruses of "five more minutes ... just five more minutes."  Needless to say ... I lost my ride.

The good news is that I got an extra 45 minutes of sleep.  The bad news?  Well ... it was raining when I left for my three mile walk.  And that rain quickly turned to snow.

(Yeah, that's right ... I said SNOW.  In Atlanta.  Again.  After it was 60 degrees at sunny just yesterday.  It's official:  Atlanta is going through menopause.)

Now, I could have bundled up in my comfy uggs, jeans and a sweatshirt.  However, last semester Sarah and I deemed Tuesday, "Wear a Dress Tuesday" (more to come on that later - we are having so much fun with it that we would love it if our blog friends joined us) so I couldn't really break out the snow pants.

I settled on a brown sweater dress from H&M, black leggings and black pumps, but decided to wear flip flops for the walk and threw the pumps in my bag.  I know it sounds ridiculous to wear flip flops in the rain/snow, but I had an umbrella so my feet didn't get too wet and the flip flops dried quickly when I got to school so I didn't have to carry around wet shoes all day.  I also grabbed earrings to put on when I got to school, because I didn't want earrings to clank up against my my iPod headphones while I was walking.

When I got to campus, I stopped for coffee and headed to class.  When I walked into class, I heard a chorus of, "Sarah, you're wearing flip flops!!"  As I put my bag down, my friend Sarah (different from Wear a Dress Tuesday Sarah) said, "I bet you she pulls a pair of heels out of her bag!!"

And guess what?  I did.

And then someone else (was it you, Beth? I hadn't had my coffee at that point so my memory is fuzzy but I think it was you) said, "And she probably has earrings in her bag!!"

And guess what?  I did.

Apparently I'm predictable.

(I wish I had predicted that a three fast miles in flip flops while carrying a backpack and holding an umbrella, followed by a day in heels where I went back and forth between our academic building and chapel building twice and walked across campus to not one, but two libraries would give me these horrendous muscle spasms that I currently seem to be experiencing.  Predictable, but apparently LACKING COMMON SENSE.)



p.s. I cannot wait to tell you all more about Wear a Dress Tuesday.  Here's the gist - It started last semester when I was stressed about school and Sarah was stressed about life.  One Monday night I told her that we were both going to wear dresses the next day and it was going to make us feel better.  I think we were both surprised when it worked.  It just kind of stuck and now Bruce even reminds me on Tuesday mornings that I need to wear a dress.  There is some history to why we chose Tuesday (Sarah described it pretty well here) and I think it is fun to be able to share something with one of my best friends even though we live 800 miles away from one another.  We love it and would love other people to join us next week.  Stay tuned for more information.

p.p.s. I know there are some guys that read mine and Sarah's blog that probably won't want to participate in the dress side of things, but I think we can find a way to get you guys involved, too.  Bruce gave me the following suggestions:  Carry a Knife Tuesday, Wear Your Hat Backwards Tuesday, Wear a Flannel Shirt Tuesday and Mismatched Socks Tuesday (apparently he wore one gray sock and one white sock today).


  1. Yes I did call you out on the earrings! :)

    I like the "Wear a Dress Tuesday" idea...I just don't have enough dresses. I have only two that would be appropriate for school and they are just boring black and grey. (all my other dresses are too fancy - wedding style).

  2. Hi Sarah! Lindsay here from Somesortofnonsense.blogspot.com. Just wanted to let you know you won the "Hear No Evil" book giveaway!! If you could email me your mailing info I will drop it in the mail for you! Congrats!

    ljotritabaugh at gmail dot com

  3. We have this thing called "wear a funny hat day" at WP. And it's every day!

    "Atlanta is going through menopause"...you crack me up


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