Friday, February 5, 2010

A New Kind of TGIF

There are so many reasons to thank God on this Friday!!  One of my favorites?

I got this all ready to mail today.  In order for me to be ordained in my association, I need to complete a unit of CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education, essentially a learning chaplaincy program).  Because of our wedding, I couldn't apply to do the program last summer, so I am applying to do it this summer (and bumping back my ordination a couple of months).  This application has kind of been hanging over my head because there is no specific deadline, it requires a lot of time and I've had a lot of school deadlines push it to the back burner.  But I finally finished this morning, got my references checked out, proofread all of my essays and got it ready to be mailed out first thing tomorrow!!  YAY!!

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  1. I loved my CPE experiance and am getting ready to apply for residency. Have a great time and remember to just be yourself.


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