Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday's Headlines - Thoughts on the Circus: I'll Be Back

I was driving home from school yesterday and the surface streets in Atlanta were gridlocked.  I know, I know - I live in Atlanta, I should be used to the traffic.  However, it was 6:45 p.m. and things were still a mess.  Atlanta traffic is bad, but at that point in the afternoon rushhour, things shouldn't be as bad as they were.

So then NPR cuts to the traffic report.  "Blah blah blah ... accident on the connector ... blah blah blah ... right lane blocked on 285 ... blah blah blah ... there is a Zebra loose downtown."



photo courtesy of the ajc

Man, traffic was a zoo!!

Sorry - bad joke.  In all reality, the Zebra escaped from the Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Circus, which is in town for performances tonight through Sunday.

Only in Atlanta.

So Bruce texts me this morning and said that he heard the Zebra got out AGAIN.  So I was all, "Seriously?!  I'm watching Tiger Woods do the whole 'tail between his legs I'm working on becoming a better person' thing and now I have to go on another Zebra hunt?!"

So I pull up the AJC to investigate and all of a sudden all thoughts of Tiger's apology and the Zebra's tour of Atlanta flew out of my head because I saw the following headline:
Schwarzenegger named Emory's commencement speaker
That's right, folks.  Arnold Schwarzenegger is speaking at my graduation.  I will be receiving a time honored degree in theological studies and I will be hearing nuggets of wisdom from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

One the bright side, one day when I am serving a church, I will be able to stand behind the pulpit during a sermon on Jesus' message of peace and say, "You know ... when I graduated from seminary, the Terminator offered me the following advice that I'd like to share with you today ..."

OR when I get to the point in my career where it is time to take a two or three month Sabbatical, I can say to my congregation, "Don't worry ... I'll be back."

Oh my ... I have never needed a Friday more.

Y'all have a great weekend.


  1. Oh my hahahahaha. this entire post made me laugh like 10 times! LOVE IT! Crazy that Arnold is speaking at your commencement! HAHA! But yes, you're right, i love that you'll get to use that later on! HAHA! I can just see it!

    And a zebra! HOLY CRAP! That is CRAZY!

  2. And going to that part of the ceremony is totally optional. I didn't go--and it was no big deal. It is kinda silly to me at least--but if you aren't interested, don't go!

  3. I don't blame the zebra! I mean, think of what it probably is forced to do every day! I would take a little joy-run through Atlanta too! :-)
    And darn that I decided not too come to your graduation - that's way more exciting than any of my speakers were! :-)

  4. haha, yes the governator is coming to Emory! could you really ask for a better commencement speaker??


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