Monday, January 11, 2010

Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania,

May your future be,
filled with honor everlasting
as your history.

Bruce and I just got back from a wonderful six days in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.  We went up to have a belated Christmas with his family and my parents even drove down from Connecticut to see us!!

We played in the snow, shot guns, watched football and spent a lot of time with Bruce's family.  What more could two people ask for on a vacation?

Oh, right - we had HOMEMADE ice cream at Bruce's uncle farm.  On an outdoor ice cream maker that he rigged out of a 1920s three horse power hit or miss motor and a mid-1900s eight quart ice cream churner ... all mounted on a wagon and turned with belts.  GENIUS.

I'll post more pictures and videos throughout the week - it feels great to be home, but we had an amazing time and are so grateful for everyone who made it possible to visit and who went out of their way to see us.

I married into such an awesome family (and group of friends)!!!!!


  1. I think I saw a John Deere gas powered ice cream maker for sale. That's really neat! If I had a hit or miss engine, I might build one of those.

  2. That does sound like a great time. My mom grew up in PA. We always visited my grandparents in the summer. Great place! I like that ice cream maker!


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