Saturday, January 2, 2010

Breakfast Burrito Scrambles

Bruce and I spent New Years with our friends George and Cory.  Cory and I were talking about cooking and he said that one of the marks of someone who is starting to "get it" in the kitchen is when they can just look at what they have and start to build a meal off of that.

I know that I am definitely NOT one of those people yet, but on NY morning I thought I would give it a shot for breakfast.  Bruce and I got up and put dinner in the crockpot, turned on the coffeepot and started to think about breakfast.  Since it was 10:30, I figured we would need more than a bowl of cereal.  So I found the last bit of the Christmas ham and the chopped tomatoes and diced onions leftover from tacos the other night, scrambled them with eggs and added cheese (also leftover from tacos) ...

And put them in the leftover soft taco shells (I read somewhere that if you keep soft taco shells in the fridge they stay soft much longer so they are good to keep around for burritos, wraps, etc.).

Definitely not something I could do the morning of an 8 am class, but something fun for a weekend or vacation when our meal schedules aren't totally normal.  Yum!!


  1. Sarah, as a gal living in Phoenix, AZ now I have learned about Mexican food. I always keep my burrito and other wraps in the fridge. Then when I am going to use one or two, I take a thin dish towel and wet it and squeeze out the excess. I place the soft burrito wraps inside and cover them with the other half of the wet towel and put them in the microwave for 30 seconds. It warms them up and softens them.

    My hubby loves to cook this way, putting leftovers together. I am not that way. I love to cook but I like to have a recipe in front of me. So it works for us. I make a recipe and Greg uses the leftovers which always seem to end up in a burrito wrap: LOL.

    BTW, I love the quote you shared on Heart Choices this morning about soaring. It's beautiful! Thank you.


  2. Just found your blog! My best friend was in seminary for a while and I always loved hearing what she was learning there.

    This looks DELICIOUS. It's totally almost midnight, but now I'm hungry. Mmmmm, eggs.


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