Monday, December 28, 2009

Post-Holiday Cheer

I got in my car today and the radio stations were back to their regular old non-holiday music.  Sad day!!  Resist the urge to take down your Christmas decorations, my friends!!  The Wise Men haven't even gotten to the manger yet!!

Keep the cheer - we certainly are doing our best to!!


  1. Oh, this was too funny! We had a wonderful Christmas, but it will be hard to resist taking everything down! Maybe I'll give it a couple more days...:)

  2. How hilarious! I know what you mean about being sad that the Christmas songs are over...I was just getting in the holiday spirit!

    Have a great Monday sweetie!


  3. LOL. Our cat enjoyed that as much as yours! We called it Cat-Couch Fishing.

  4. This was exactly what I needed! Our Christmas got cancelled because of weather, so we are celebrating on New Years. So I gotta keep the spirit alive! :) Great blog!!


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