Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy 101

What makes you happy?

One of the things that makes me happy is my wonderful blog friend, Veronica.  She is incredibly talented (check out her crochet business), is a stay at home mom to two beautiful girls and is pregnant with another girl!!  She and her family live in California and - when it is rainy and gross here - I live vicariously through their trips to the beach, ha!!  I came across her blog early on in the year when the blogging community was praying hard for Kelly & Harper.  I clicked on her blog and the tag line said something about "never having a short version to any story."

Never having a short version to any story?  Talk about a girl after my own heart!!  (Side note - one of the clinicians at my psych eval actually told me that I was a good storyteller, but that sometimes she got caught up in what I was saying and lost her own train of thought, ha!!)

Anyway (talk about not having a short version to any story) - I was reading Veronica's blog last week and was tickled pink when she awarded me the Happy 101 award!!  Thank you, Veronica!!  The rules to this award are fun.  I am supposed to list 10 things that make me happy - and then try to do one of them today.

1. Sitting on my couch and staring at my Christmas Tree.

2. Listening to Christmas music at work.
(Consider that done for the day!!)

3. Successfully cooking a delicious dinner.
(I'll get back to you on that one, ha!!)

4. Playing with my cat.

5. Going to the gym.

6. Traveling.

My favorite part of this picture is the woman trying to take the "holding up the leaning tower of Pisa" picture.

7. Wearing earrings.

Earrings always fit and they never make you look fat.  And for $4 at Charlotte Russe, these Teardop Dangle Earrings would add sparkle and shine to any otherwise blah day.  (That's right - I said $4!! It doesn't take much with me.  I can trade in a cup of coffee and a muffin one morning and I have myself a new pair of earrings.)

8. Being part of the United Church of Christ.

Every time I think about ordination - and about how the laying on of hands will connect me to generations of Christian leaders that believed in Jesus' prayer, "that they may all be one" (John 17:21) - I get chills.

9. Playing my saxophone.

10. Spending time with my husband.

Last weekend Bruce and I were at a party discussing my name change with friends and Bruce looked at me and said, "You will always be Sarah Keck to me."

I thought that was the sweetest thing he could have said to me.

Anyway, talk about not having a short version to any story - a simple list of 10 things turned into a morning of me looking nostalgically at pictures and window shopping online (browser shopping? safari shopping?).

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!!  Christmas Eve is in two days!!



  1. Your tree is simply gorgeous! :) And I love love love wearing earrings, too! I feel naked without them..okay I'm overdramatic..at least underdressed... ;) Love the woman trying to hold up the tower.. I laughed out loud! Good list, girlie!

  2. Had no clue you played the sax! Awesome! I don't have short versions of anything! Haha....Congrats on your award!

  3. You are too sweet! So funny that you remember my blog's original title! It was The ramblings of a crochet happy, Jesus lovin', stay at home mom who doesn't have a short version to any story! I eventually got rid of it because I thought it was waaaay too long!

    I loved reading your list and especially loved the dangly earrings! So cute and what a great deal!


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