Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Did you know ...

... that if Bruce walks into a bank with a check made out to "Bruce and Sarah Weaver" and signs it, he cannot deposit it into his account because it does not have my signature on it?  He can, however, with his signature, deposit it into my account.

Banks make zero sense to me.

(Note to self:  Make time to go to the bank with Bruce after the new year and finally combine our checking accounts.)


  1. You are a winner...send me your information to


  2. I just stopped by to say congrats to you. I read that you were one of the winners on Grammy Girlfriend. Yes, get those checks made out to only one of you to avoid that. LOL.


  3. Stopping by from Grammy Girlfriends blog to say Hello! Best wishes to you and your hubby as you resolve to cook more and save your eating out money for bigger and better things!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Tom and I are married for 26 years and banking at the same place for at least the past 18. A check made out to one and taken to the bank by the other must be fully deposited in our joint account(no cash back) or endorsed as payable to the other so that we can have green in hand. However, I can take a check made out to him, deposit it and then write a check for "cash" and they will give me the requested amount of green from that same account, no questions asked.......... Such is the nature of the "rules" of banking.

  5. Rules are rules I guess, no matter how silly they seem.

    We are lucky because we live in a very small town where everyone knows everyone. Once I wrote a check and, because I got to talking and not paying attention what I was doing, just signed Debbie and not my last name. The bank cashed it anyway.


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