Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve Typo

While we were singing Hark! The Herald Angels Sing on Christmas Eve, something caught my eye ...

Apparently the editors of the New Century Hymnal think that the light of the world should come from the light of the sun and not from the Son of God.



  1. I believe this means that He is the Sun, the source of the light of righteousness. I looked in some old hymnals (some more than 50 years old) that I have as well as a Moravian hymnal. All are "Sun" and not "Son," though He is certainly both.

  2. It's not a typo ... see Malachi 4.2

  3. Thank heavens, it isn't a typo. I just checked three other Congo hymnals--all of them say "Sun."

    But I think Susan and Nathan's reasoning is better!

  4. My Dad noticed this too in the UMH. He thought it was a gender-neutralizing decision. I'm glad that its not! LOL!

  5. Ha! Whether or not this was a typo, that's hilarious : ) Hope you had a great Christmas lovely lady!


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