Monday, December 7, 2009

The Blind Side and More Pictures!!

I have two things that I need to tell you guys tonight ... 

First of all, if you have yet to see The Blind Side, you NEED to go see it.  But bring tissues, because you will most certainly need them.

Second ... Seriously - Y'all are so sweet!!  Thanks for all of the wonderful comments about my tree.  I LOVE it - and for all of you who have a small apartment, you can ABSOLUTELY haul in a big 'ole tree and admire it for all it is worth.  At the end of a long day, you can pour a glass of wine, turn on some calming music, lay on the couch and just let yourself be drawn in to the sheer beauty that is a perfectly-for-you decorated tree.  Here are some more pictures ...

If you need a mental yardstick, our TV is 32" - yes, that is a BIG tree.

Our windows/fireplace - Bruce did that, didn't he do a good job?

The gold stockings actually match the tree skirt ... and the stocking in the middle is Lilly's!! (her stocking is usually the most full)

Bruce took the bottom branches of the tree that he had to cut off of the bottom in order to get the tree stand on and strung it together to make garland.

Our little "village" - we got these pieces (church on the left and train station on the right) 2 for $3 at CVS on Thanksgiving day - you would never know!!

Bruce hung this garland over the window next to my desk.  It looks nicer when he uses a hammer and nails to hang it than when I try to use thumbtacks ...

(Also - the pictures that are hanging are of my undergrad!!  Isn't it beautiful?)

The door to our apartment.  We actually leave the "Peace" sign up year round - our eternal hope that one day there will be shalom in the world.

Thanks for visiting!!  I wish I could have everyone over for a Christmas party!!


  1. Your apartment looks awesome. I think I'll come live with you guys until new years!

  2. LOVE IT! You guys did a fantastic job!! :-) It's absolutely gorgeous!


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