Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Affair of One vs. The Deployment of 30,000

I have been completely submersed in papers all week, but I did emerge long enough to check the news yesterday.  Here were the headlines:
  • Tiger Woods Apologizes for His 'Sins'
  •  Reputed 'Other Woman' Denies Affair With Tiger
  • Tiger Woods and Wife in Seclusion at Florida Mansion
  • Tiger Woods' Voicemail Remixed
  • Hear Tiger Panic to Mistress: 'My Wife May Be Calling You'
  • Neighbor: Tiger Snored After Crash
  • How Tiger Woods Can Survive Scandal
  • Tiger Breaks Silence: I Have Let My Family Down
CNN even had a "quick vote" - "How much damage will Tiger Woods' 'transgressions' do to his brand?" __ A Lot, __ A Little, __ None.

Not to be the debbie downer of clearly fun and entertaining tirade against a Nike-wearing, Gillette-shaving, Gatorade-drinking, EA Sports-playing American golfer or anything ...

... HOWEVER ...

... President Obama stared at a camera on Tuesday night and told the nation that he was planning on sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan.  Am I the only one who thinks that this is a big deal?  I am not speaking out against the war or opposing President Obama's plan; I am, however, pointing out the fact that his speech on Tuesday night will prove to be a vital moment in our generation - and in the history of our relationship with the Middle East.

And all anyone can talk about is the fact that a popular sports figure cheated on his wife?

Am I the only one who thinks that this is a little bit backwards?

(FYI - I am not condoning what he did.  But - seeing as my marriage isn't any of his business, his marriage really isn't any of mine.  And in all reality - if I were to pass judgments on his choices - no one is perfect.  I've made mistakes, I have even made mistakes that have hurt people.  Most likely WE ALL HAVE - so I cannot really wag my finger at his affair.)

I don't know ... maybe I am missing something.

(I also think that finals have made me very cranky - so if I have offended anyone, I am really sorry.  Most likely at this time next week I will read this and laugh because finals will be over and I will once again know what it is like to move at a normal human pace.)


  1. I've totally been out of the loop with the news but I did hear about both of the things you're talking about. Both situations are hard topics that's for sure! I do agree with you though...sending more troops was a huge deal. So sad that we just don't know when the war will end.

  2. No, I think you're right! I do think the amount of coverage given to this Tiger debacle is over the top. I really feel badly for his wife though, not him so much.

    Hope your papers are going well :)

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  4. I agree! I would think that sending more solders to fight and spending billions of dollars would be a little bit more important than who Tiger Woods has fooled around with. This whole war thing totally freaks me out! After the whole Iraq craziness, I was soo hopping this mess would be done and over with :-(

  5. Sarah, you and I are dangerously close to agreeing about a political current events issue. This is a special moment for us! :)


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