Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fabulous Television News

Anybody else tired of the Jon & Kate divorce saga?

Don't need a reminder that no one could steal $230,000 from your checking account because you will never HAVE $230,000 to take?

Don't feel like pondering Jon's religious choices? (If you're curious, he currently considers himself part-Jewish because the Glassman's are Jewish and he thinks they have good family values.)

Don't think those children should have to go to school knowing that their friends and parents are seeing the ugly ins and outs of Jon & Kate's divorce played out in the tabloids and the highest bidding networks?

Well have no fear - Cake Boss is back!!

Bruce and I LOVE this show.  Little drama with the exception of typical italian family bickering, amazing (and I mean AMAZING) cakes and really silly humor.

Cake Boss premieres NEXT Monday, October 26th!!

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  1. Yay Cake Boss! What time is it on? You have to remind me!


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