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Show Us Your Life - Wedding Receptions / Honeymoons


We've reached the end of another week, which means it's time for another edition of Kelly's Korner "Show Us Your Life."  Today's topic is wedding receptions and honeymoons.

I'm a very hands on and detail-oriented person.  To save money and make things easier on our guests, we rented out the community house (used for plays, parties, yoga classes, girl scout meetings, etc. etc. etc.) that was directly adjacent to the church.  This meant that we had to take care of everything, including setting up tables and chairs, guest amenities, lights, tulle, etc.  It was stressful and tedious but I LOVED doing it!!

Rather than traditional "flower" centerpieces, I decided to use candles and mirrors.  Because my colors were red and black, my mom and I went to Target the day after Christmas and bought out all of their 75% off red candles leftover from the holiday.  I went to IKEA and bought mirrors and candle holders and we just sporadically placed them on the tables with red rose pedals.  The light from the candles not only reflected off of the mirrors, but also through the glasses set on the tables.

It was really cost effective because we had leftover candles that we use now and we'll be able to use the mirrors one day when we have more space (we're in a one bedroom apartment in Atlanta while I finish up my masters).

While we were clearing the Target shelves of their post-Christmas candles, we also bought out their lights, and then strung them with tulle in the rafters.  It looked beautiful, because the whole room was lit only by candlelight and Christmas lights!!

For our wedding favors we decided to buy champagne flutes (we bought these at IKEA 6 for $4) and matchboxes from Ideal Favors.  I typed up a note saying that we hoped every time people toasted with the glasses that they think about all the blessings they have in their lives.  My sister and I put them together in about two days and they were less than $1 apiece.  I would recommend something like that!!

This was one of my FAVORITE parts of the reception - a candy buffet!!  It's a really inexpensive crowd pleaser, especially if you have kids at the wedding (we had tons).  By the time I actually got to the buffet (at the end of the night when there were only a couple of people left talking to us) there were only a handful of gobstoppers and lifesavers left!!

We hired local caterers and they were AMAZING.  We had a full spread of appetizers and then a dinner buffet.  The bar had soda, water, beer and wine.  Everyone tells me that the food was incredible but I only took about a bite of dinner when I saw someone I hadn't had a chance to talk to yet and got distracted!!  Did that happen to anyone else?

Our beautiful cake.  Again - people told me it was delicious, but after the one bite Bruce and I fed each other, we got pulled away to say goodbye to someone, and then to take pictures with someone else, etc. etc. etc. and before we knew it the cake was gone!! (We still do have the top tier, although it's in my parent's freezer in CT and we live in GA!!)

Once dinner was cleared we all danced the night away!!  A note on our music - my father is a music teacher and has all sorts of sound systems at his disposal.  To save money, we decided not to hire a DJ, rather we created playlists on iTunes, had my dad bring in a sound system and we hooked my computer into it.  He hooked up a microphone so that Bruce and I - as well as different friends and family - could announce when different things were happening throughout the night.

Our first dance was to Etta James' At Last.  We actually decided on that back in January when we were watching coverage of the inaugural balls.  Granted - Beyonce wasn't there to sing it for us - but if it was good enough for the president, it was good enough for us!!

The bouquet toss ... 

Bruce and his groomsmen - "I've got friends in low places ... "

And, of course, a wedding wouldn't be complete without the YMCA!!

We honeymooned in Rehobeth Beach, DE.  We actually both grew up vacationing with our families at various Delaware beaches, so it was fun to go to a place that was familiar to both of us but to share it with each other as husband and wife.  We stayed right on the bay, but could walk across the street to the ocean.  I wore flip flops that had "Just Married" written on the bottoms so it left that in the sand!!  We laid on the beach, went crabbing, shopping, ate good food and slept A LOT.  The week flew by and we were NOT ready to leave!!

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  1. Sounds like a fun wedding reception and a very relaxing honeymoon.

  2. Sarah,
    It's been so fun getting to see your all your wedding pics. I loved your candy bar idea! I also love how you found ways to cut costs! That's my kinda girl!

    Thanks for sharing all the great pics over the last three weeks. It felt like I was actually at your wedding! :)

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! I think your favor idea is genius!! I absolutely love the photos of you doing the YMCA! Congratulations on your recent marriage, and kudos for working on your masters!! Have a fabulous weekend.

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  5. We had mirror and candle center pieces too! Loved it. :) The Christmas lights were a great additional touch - gives it a whimsical, elegant feel!
    What a great wedding favor idea!

  6. Your reception was amazing! I love the candy buffet, and great idea on the favors!! :)

  7. Everything looked beautiful! I wanted to play YMCA, but alas, hubby was against it.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful. That candy buffet is awesome! We did Christmas lights and tulle and it has such a cool effect! Cool to honeymoon where you both grew up going. Those flip flops sound cool! Good reading for today.

  9. I really like the mirror/candle centerpieces. Really beautiful!

  10. Aww, I love your cake and the awesome candy buffet! Such a great idea!

    Thanks for visitng my blog! :)

  11. I've seen candy bars before but I you had some of my favorites.
    What a beautiful reception ~ the food, cake, and decorations.
    Did you have help with setup or did the caterers do it?
    Your honeymoon looks like you had a fantastic time!
    You both look so happy!

  12. Oh the tulle, so much tulle!


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