Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Where did the month of June go? It feels like just yesterday it was June 1st and I was thinking how I couldn't believe the wedding was in less than a month ... and now the month has come and gone!!

There's not a lot going on with us right now. My computer has had a backlight problem since March and I had finally reached a point where I could be without it for a week so the Apple Store could send it out. I dropped it off on Sunday and according to the online report it got to California today and the repair is complete!! Must have been an easy fix. Luckily it was covered under Apple Care. Hopefully it'll be back in Georgia sometime this weekend!!

Speaking of the Apple Store - Bruce and I are pricing out desktop macs right now. The Dell that I bought out of college (that Bruce sort of inherited six months later when it was crashing too fast and I replaced it with my MacBook) is really in bad shape. Bruce rarely uses it at this point - he uses his iTouch for everything or borrows my MacBook - and now I see why. It's really not usable. We definitely want to get another apple - we've loved mine - but the question is - what should we get? Macs have come down in price but it's still a big investment. We're thinking desktop so that we can have more memory while still have the mobility of one laptop. Is there something else we should consider?

My parents are supposed to come into town next week so I'm trying to visualize (and organize) what I want them to bring back to Connecticut and store for us in their basement until we have a house and things aren't so cluttered. When we moved to Atlanta originally I thought it made a statemen of adulthood if I brought EVERYTHING with me. Maybe it's the wedding ring, but I'm starting to realize that I can be an adult without having every single book I own taking up space in an 800 square foot apartment. I would much rather have less clutter ... agreed?

That's all for now ... It's so much harder to do this on an iTouch!!

With love,
Sarah :)

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  1. Sorry, but I am no help in the comp dept. I have a Dell right now too and would love to get a Mac someday! Better start saving now!!!


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