Saturday, July 25, 2009

He Gets an "A"


Bruce wanted me to feel better about the whole cooking debacle so he brought me flowers and chocolate!!

I'm SO lucky!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!!

Smile * Love * Rejoice


  1. Your hubby did good with the chocolate and flowers! Tell him to remember these gestures 10 years down the road. (We'll celebrate 9 years in November and I think we've let some kind gestures slip on by over the years :o)

    I'm going to try my own towel wrap tomorrow. I'm sure it won't look as cute on me as my 4 year old will look in hers, but hey - if it works....I'll let you know :o)

  2. Hey Sarah! Got your email and just wanted to let you know I'll be sending your package out either tomorrow or Tuesday!

    Your hubby was so sweet to get you the chocolates and the flowers. That was so cool!


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