Saturday, May 23, 2009

Three Day Weekends

I think the best kind of three day weekends are the ones you forget about until Thursday at 5 p.m. when you're leaving work and everyone reminds you that the next day is only a half day because of Memorial Day weekend.


I thought so.

Bruce and I had a really quiet night last night.  We watched M*A*S*H, played a few games of Mancala and I worked on the list of pictures we're going to want taken at the wedding.  We got up this morning and went to Dunkin Donuts - we had NO REGULAR COFFEE IN OUR APARTMENT.  I'm not quite sure how we let that happen.  Anyway, we went to Dunkin Donuts and then over to ATL Cycling so Bruce could get some work done on his bike.  We looked around the shop and talked to some of the guys over there for awhile - the people there are SO nice, if you're in the market for a bike I would recommend ATL Cycling over and beyond any other bike shop in Atlanta - and then headed home.  I took a shower while Bruce cleaned and then we headed out to Target in Buckhead.  There is a Target much closer, but going to the one in Buckhead allowed us to get out a little bit (and also gave us the opportunity to check out some of the other shops around).

While we were at Target we got toiletries items to put together baskets to go in the bathrooms at the wedding reception.  Because we're just renting the building and bringing in all outside vendors, we need to remember small little details like bathroom toiletries that would be taken care of for us had we used a hotel or clubhouse.  I don't mind though - Bruce and I had fun going through the "travel-sized" section.  Does anyone else get a kick out of those little bottles?  I'm not sure why I do.  Here is the final product (the baskets are from IKEA):

Then we went over to Dick's Sporting Goods so I could look at my sneakers.  My current running sneakers are two and a half years old - they are WAY past their prime and I'm starting to have knee pain (the kind of knee pain that required MRIs and cortisone shots three summers ago).  Hopefully the new sneakers will give my knees more support.  I ended up buying the ASICS Gel-1140:

On our way to the sneaker section, I came across a couple of sale racks - this is always dangerous for me.  I tried not to look too closely but ended up finding a great adidas white running jacket for 50% off!!  I'm not really planning on using it as a running jacket, I'm planning on using it more when I'm riding the scooter during the summer.  It's lightweight, but wind resistant and bright so I think it will be great not only to protect me on the scooter but also in the mornings when it's a little brisk.  Here's me modeling my jacket when we got home:

What is everyone doing for Memorial Day?  Any weekend get-aways?  Picnics?  TV marathons?  Parades?  Shopping?  Whatever it is, I hope all of you can find time to relax and regenerate.

Many many blessings,
Sarah :) 

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