Friday, April 10, 2009

Today's SWEET Wedding Poll

(appropriate two days before Easter)

I know what you're thinking - why not both?  Here's some background on my thought process.  I had originally wanted a chocolate fountain, something that we haven't completely ruled out yet.  But my sister and mom and I are aware of the fact that we would have to buy/rent the chocolate fountain, the caterers would have to prep the chocolate in advance, and someone would need to make sure that people are being careful around the fountain itself all the while needing the fountain to be accessible to everybody to get to.  Oi!!

Meanwhile, I've been browsing through wedding websites, catalogues and blogs and have been introduced to the idea of candy buffets - simple and sweet!!  You don't get the elegance of chocolate cascading down a fountain, but it seems simpler and just as delicious.

So what do you all think ...

Sweet and Simple Candy Buffet?

OR ... 

Elegant and Classic Chocolate Fountain?



  1. Candy buffet. I like anything that's a buffet. And candy.

  2. I like the candy buffet idea too, but I think it should stull include fruit (because it's delicious with chocolate) AND those M&Ms that can be printed with cool things :)

  3. chocolate fountain. Sorry. More hassle, but it's prettier and it taste better.

  4. Maybe I could do candy at the reception and a chocolate fountain at the brunch we're starting to plan for Sunday post-church ... ?


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