Thursday, March 26, 2009


I would seriously like to apologize to anyone who may have come into my wrath this week. Perhaps not even wrath - quiet and seclusion is more like it. I don't think I've been a good friend to anyone in Atlanta since I got back from spring break.

I've been in a funk - and I couldn't figure out what it was all about. I might even go as far to say that I have had an underlying crankiness ever since I landed in Atlanta.  Yesterday I was driving up to Marietta to pick up Bruce and then go to church and I was extremely cranky. I pulled my iPod out, thinking that music would put me in a better mood. Nothing seemed to be working. Faith Hill wasn't working, Tim McGraw wasn't working ... even James Taylor wasn't working!! Shocking, I know ... So then I thought perhaps showtunes were the cure. I tried Fiddler, Guys and Dolls and Thoroughly Modern Millie - nothing worked. The thought suddenly crossed my mind that I should listen to Beauty & the Beast. It's amazing how quickly my mood lifted when I heard the orchestra start the overture.

I should be in Connecticut right now - plain and simple. The New Milford High School All School Musical is something that defines much of who the Keck Family is and I'm not there to take part in it right now. That sucks. There's no nicer way for me to say it. It sucks.

I love Atlanta - and I need to be here right now.  I need to be at Emory.  The education that I'm getting is invaluable.  Bruce and I needed to get out on our own and really learn about each other and about ourselves.  I needed to live in a different part of the country, particularly a part where racial tension is still high - I needed to understand the realities that some people are still living in.  And most importantly - I needed to meet y'all you I love, adore and cherish.  And I know I've been distant.  And I know it's hard for me sometimes.  But I wouldn't trade it for anything.

In the meantime I'm supposed to be packing for our trip to Connecticut, but I'm currently doing laundry and getting nowhere.  I went to do the laundry yesterday and found extremely potent damp sheets in the washing machine - I'm pretty sure they were from almost a week before.  Eww.  So needless to say I put those sheets through two cycles last night and then they dried overnight.  So that set me back on laundry.  Oh well.  I THINK I know what I want to pack - so hopefully it shouldn't be TOO bad.  Hopefully.  It's only a weekend, why do I always make this so complicated?!?!?!

In other news - you all should read this article.  For everything there is a season.  This is just another reminder that for every one of God's children that cries out, another one rejoices.  Sometimes all we can do is pray and thank God for the blessings in our lives.

Peace & Grace,

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