Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Wood Shop

There's something so magical about something that is handmade.  Not only is there a sense of uniqueness, but there is also a sense of intimacy, a sense that the person who made what you have poured so much of who they are into something that you now hold in your hands.  I'm always honored when someone is willing to share something they've made with me.

A good friend of mine, Jon Chapman, told me about his father's website a couple of weeks ago.  His father is a retired engineer and has been spending a lot of time in his wood shop.  He's decided to share his wonderful gifts and talents and by selling some of his projects.  I would STRONGLY encourage everyone to check out his site!!  You can access it by clicking on the picture in the top left corner of my blog.

I would also encourage everyone to check out Mr. Chapman's blog:  AS THE WOOD TURNS.  There he talks about each of his pieces in depth - their stories, their meanings and their development.

Check it out!!

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