Sunday, June 15, 2008

In Good Times and in Bad Times ...

It's been a crazy couple of days.  On Friday I was at work and I knew that something was wrong all day.  Without going into details, I'll just say that I started to freak out and called Bruce, who left work early and brought me to the Emergency Room.  I really hate going to the Emergency Room, so I didn't go without a struggle.  We got there and I was seen by a Nurse Practitioner, who I really didn't like at all.  She was kind of rude to Bruce and to me and she asked me the same questions five times.  She also wasn't gentle either.  In the end, the best way that I can describe what was wrong with me was a bacterial infection, which had formed an abscess.  After the woman drained it she had a nurse give me some pills and then a shot.  We finally got to our car at 10:30 p.m., at which point I called my mom to let her know what was going on and started bawling.  I don't think I realized how stressed the whole process had made me until after we were out of the hospital.  And Bruce was incredible.  He stayed with me in the psych room that they put me in for the entire time and held my hand while I was crying through procedures.  He told me to breathe and that it would be over soon.  I am such a lucky, lucky person to have found someone who will be with me and be so supportive and wonderful through something like that.

We woke up on Saturday and he called one of his managers and asked her if it would be okay if he left work a little bit early.  She said that it would be fine, and he set me up in bed for the day.  Wedding planning stuff, two seasons of Friends, my phone, gatorade, food, etc.  I slept a lot throughout the day, which I think I needed.  My mom called me and then his mom called me.  I realize how lucky I am not only to have Bruce in my life, such a wonderful person who loves and cares for me, but to be part of a new family who cares for me, and worries about me when something is wrong.  I'm so happy to be marrying into such a wonderful family who has embraced me so much.  Even though I'm still not feeling 100% better, I've learned a lot about the people who care about me and that makes me happy.

Speaking of wonderful people who care about me, Andy hosted an engagement party for Bruce and me last night.  It was a small group of people but it was SO much fun!!  It's so wonderful to be surrounded by people who are so supportive of Bruce and me, who love the two of us together, and who want to see us together and happy.  Most of the people at the party told us that they were really excited to road trip up to CT for our wedding - from Atlanta!!  That's incredible to me.  Bruce and I are blessed to have found such wonderful community down here.
Now we just really need to focus in and get some of the initial plans set in stone.  I don't think having the reception at my parents house is going to work - there are just going to be too many people there.  So I think the next step is to try to get some ideas of numbers from Bruce and me and our mothers and then start calling around.  I'm trying to stay calm through it all but it's not easy!!

But for today I'm just going to continue to try to get better.  Bruce is cleaning and I think I'm going to help him out a little bit.  Tomorrow I need to call the Emory Clinic and arrange a follow up appointment.  I also need to call my insurance company and let them know that I was in the emergency room.  I'm going to continue to pray for the God's grace to shower me as I start to be faced with situations and choices that I'm not used to.

With Strength,

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